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My Lice Eliminator Comb
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My Lice Eliminator Comb
My Lice Eliminator Comb

My Lice Eliminator Comb

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The Most Effective Lice Combs to remove head lice and their eggs!

Unique micro-grooved steel teeth

Anti-slip bands hold your grip through thick hair

Drags out lice and nits and destroys them!

  1. Comb can be used on dry or wet hair. Just make sure the hair is detangled before using the Lice Eliminator Comb.
  2. Separate hair into sections and comb from scalp to ends of hair. Inspect each section to ensure removal of nits and lice.
  3. Clean the comb between swipes by putting it in water and swiping on paper towel.

This comb is the most effective way to determine if you or your child has head lice. Best lice combs to remove lice nits & lice bugs

Run the comb through wet hair and swipe on white paper towel for evidence of head lice.

  • Treats 1 - 3
  • 🐜🚫 Long micro-grooved teeth comb out and eliminate even the tiniest of eggs in hair leaving it nit-free.
  • 🇺🇸 Made in the USA professional stainless steel comb has an anti-slip grip for easy control and works well on thick hair.
  • 🐜🚫 Easy to clean and proven effective on thousands of customers using My Hair Helpers' Lice Treatment family of products.
  • 🐜🚫 Lice removal comb can treat 1 family member and is re-useable when sterilized.
  • 🙂 You can have confidence in your purchase with My Hair Helpers 100% Happiness Money Back Guarantee.

Can be used on the whole entire family!