My Head Lice Removal Kit
My Head Lice Removal Kit
My Head Lice Removal Kit

My Head Lice Removal Kit

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Remove Head Lice the First Time

With our Most Effective Hair Lice Removal Kit, you'll get:

  • 4oz Foam Mousse: Pesticide-free and made from strained yeast enzymes that dissolve nit glue! This mousse destroys both lice and their eggs. It's safe for repeated application and can be used on babies, children and adults.
  • 4 oz Lice Removal Oil: Stops lice in their tracks! Made from 100% dimethicone, this thick oil completely suffocates lice and kills them. Even the toughest battles with lice are won!
  • Lice Eliminator Comb: Our comb has unique micro-grooved steel teeth with anti-slip bands to hold your grip through thick hair. Drags out lice and nits and destroys them!

     About This Kit

    • Treats 1 - 2 Kids
    • 🚫🐜 HEAD LICE REMOVER: This piojos treatment kit has products that effectively kill lice and their eggs.
    • 🌿 12 years of treating families at our salon with only natural products that are kid-safe and work on Super lice.
    • 👍 Effectively remove bugs and their eggs the first time at home with our Nit-free comb, peppermint foam mousse and dimethicone oil.
    • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Effectively removes both big and tiny bugs and nits in your child's hair. Can be used on adults, too! Made in the USA. 100% happiness, money-back guarantee.
    • 🚫 🐜 Kit includes full-sized treatments: Nit-Free Comb, My Hair Helpers Mint Mousse, and Lice Removal Oil

    With effective treatment, head lice will completely go away after two to three weeks. The duration is dependent on how many lice made a home in your hair. Make sure you follow the instructions on our Head Lice Removal Kit for hair lice treatment.